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About us

WOST S.A. is created by a modern managed team of experienced metallurgists, outstanding specialists in our branch. Thanks to this we are open to new concepts, difficult challenges and realize non-standard orders. We create products used in construction, road engineering or power industry.

WOST S.A. – Leading manufacturer of metallurgical products

Walcownie Ostrowieckie WOST S.A. is a leading domestic and European producer of hot-rolled profiles. Our offer of products and services has been developed based on the current market needs. Rolling mill provides customers with a wide range of products of various grades and parameters. This makes us a stable and reliable business partner that plays an important role in supply chains.

Walcownie Ostrowieckie WOST S.A. they have been operating in the current location since 2015. The rolling mills are located at Centralnego Okręgu Przemysłowego / COP 12a, on the premises of “Old Ironworks” in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski.

The policy adopted by us is a strategy of responsible business and environmental protection consisting in continuous, integrated and preventive action in relation to processes, products and services aimed at continuous improvement of production efficiency, reducing the risk of health loss and environmental pollution.

In practice, this means the use of technologies that generate less pollution to the environment and optimization of production processes in terms of energy efficiency and their impact on the environment.

For us, as a producer, pro-ecological activities are of particular importance. We have successfully implemented an integrated ISO system, including ISO 14001: 2015 used in responsible environment management, and we are currently implementing the EcoManagement and Audit Scheme (EMAS) model.

Our story

1811Founding of Rolling Mill.
1885Establishing a Share Company of Zakłady Ostrowieckie.
1886Transformation of the company into the "Towarzystwo Akcyjne Wielkich Pieców i Zakładów Ostrowieckich".
1889Commissioning of the first open hearth furnace with a capacity of 15 t.
1890Launch of a medium rolling mill and a new mechanical workshop.
1891Completion of the construction of the iron foundry; start-up of the second open hearth furnace..
1892Start-up of the third open-hearth furnace, start-up of a workshop for machining wieghing parts and finishing railway axles.
1893Construction of foundations for the blast furnace no. 2 with Cowper heaters (the first furnace was built during the construction of the rolling mill); the settlement of the first apartment block intended for employees of the plant.
1897Doubling the number of people living on the factory premises from 5 thousand (in 1890) up to 10 thousand.
1898Commissioning of a 500 HP power plant, first smelting of steel from open-hearth furnace No. 9.
1899Commissioning of open-hearth furnaces no. 10 and 11, universal plate rolling mill.
1900Start-up of the 12 open-hearth furnace (with a capacity of 25t), start of production in a large rolling mill; commissioning of the factory infirmary building.
1936Establishment of the Central Industrial District - the most important industrial investment in the times of the Second Polish Republic; dynamic development of Rolling Mill.
1939Joining Reichswerke AG fur Berg- und Huttenbetrieb Hermann Goring – a concern owned by the Third Reich.
1940Development of production and increase of employment to 4634 workers.
1942Production at the level of: pig iron 4100-4300 tons per month, steel 5870-7000 tons per month.
1944Disassembly of machines and devices in some departments.
2003Division of Zakłady Ostrowieckie into an old and a new part.
2015Start of operations of Walcownie Ostrowieckie Wost S.A.

What makes us different


Wide offer

We have a wide range of products that are characterized by the highest quality of workmanship, appreciated all over the world.


Traditional technology

We produce on traditional lines that are constantly modernized. We carry out the traditional rolling process carry out two-way rolling.


Non-standard realizations

For the purposes of construction or energy, we carry out non-standard orders in accordance with the customer’s requirements.


Ecological approach

For us, pro-ecological activities are of particular importance – we constantly improve the production line, reducing the negative impact on the environment.


Fast delivery time

We provide a fast order fulfillment process. All thanks to an efficient production line and high stock levels.


Frequent production cycles

Frequent changes in production cycles significantly accelerate the execution of orders for our customers.

Our products in the world