Walcownie Ostrowieckie WOST S.A.

The hot-rolled steel profiles we produce are intended for the needs of the power industry, construction, railroad industry, road engineering, production of truss cranes, shipbuilding industry and underground excavations of the road infrastructure. WOST S.A. means timely completion of orders, products not only meeting the expectations of customers, but above all complying with the applicable Polish and European standards and an ecological and efficient production technology process.

Equal angles

We manufacture hot-rolled angle bars, designed primarily for the needs of the construction industry, both steel and traditional. They are used as indispensable elements of steel halls, bridges and power poles. This in turn determines WOST S.A. to produce only the highest quality steel angle bars.

Unequal angles

The unequal angle sections we produce are used in industry, large-scale construction and in the construction of agricultural machinery. These profiles are also used in the production of rolling stock, wagons, bridges and power poles.


T-bars are also an indispensable component when building storage halls and support structures.

UPN channels

They are mainly used for steel structures, supporting structures for buildings, supporting structures for buildings such as industrial halls, warehouse halls, railroad tractions.

Weight calculator

Use our weight calculator and find out how much the product weight which You want to order.