Walcownie Ostrowieckie



Bearing in mind the good of planet and people, we constanly try to MINIMIZE OUR IMPACT ON THE ENVIRONMENT AND PROTECT NATURAL RESOURCES. All this thanks to innovative methods of production management.

We are aware of the responsibility that rests on a good employer. We want to have a good impact on the environment and local communities. We care about health, safety at work and the delevopment of our greatest capital – people. That is why we are willingly help both of our employees and organizations or foundations by engaging in social initiatives.

We support community initiatives through volunteering

We are a sponsor of sports struggles

We support foundations and charitable causes

We cooperate with universities and technical schools

Green Steel Strategy

We do our best to have a good impact on the environment. WOST owns the EPD Declaration which contains the information on the impacts of the declared construction materials on the environment. Our production plant boasts over 200 years of rolling proces experience, knowledge and tradition.

Pure.X profiles are made of steel bloom produced in electric arc furnace (EAF), using 100% of iron scrap.

Our vision is to make the WOST Green Steel Strategy the most important guideline for our present and future actions. Learn more about WOST Green Steel Strategy and Pure.X profiles here.


The WOST S.A. mill manufactures hot-rolled sections of non-alloy accordance with the latest national and international standards. The sections are rolled from semi-finished products in the form in the form of blooms, which our company buys in various mills and the total content of recovered material in our profiles depends on the steel smelting process. For the steel smelting process (BOF) – on average 15 ÷ 25%. In the case of the electric steel smellting process (EAF) – 98% on average.

Currenty, we only import steel smelted in electric furnaces. As a result, 98% of the steel we use is recycled. The production waste produced by us, i.e. scrap or mill scale, are also a valuable secondary raw material, which we pass to appropriate and they are refised again.

Air protection

The steel that we use to manufacture our products is smelted in electric furnaces. This contributes to protection of the enviironment by using fewer natural resources and generates lower emissions to the environment that in the case of blast furnace technologies.

Taking seriously the requirements and trends regarding environmental protection, we implement a number of modernization measures aimed at reducing the negative impact on the natural environment through:

  • Replacing the lighting of production halls with LED
  • Thermomodernization of buildings
  • Transfer of excess production heat to MEC
  • Modernization of the production line

Health and safety of our employees

Our employees are our strenght, so we care for them through: professional medical care, implementation of a rehabilitation and activating health program with the support of the European Social Fund, continuous improvement of the effectiveness of uor activities in the field of occupational health and safety, e.g. by introducing the ISO:45001 standard, introducing a number of preventive measures in the area of the Covid-19 pandemic, i.e.:

  • limiting business trips, customer and quest visits,
  • providing disinfectants and personal protection,
  • implementing automatic body temperature measurement

We are a company that has the ambition to set new quality and exert a significant influence on the development of its industry. Therefore, it is extremely important for us to enable the development of research and teaching staff at state universities, as well as to improve the quality of education of university students.

Our close cooperations


Czestochowa University of Technology


Kielce University of Technology